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Saviruchi Website


UX Research | Design Rationale

Saviruchi Foods International Pty Ltd (Saviruchi Foods) was found in the year 2021, and they have been successful in reaching out to the Indian community across Australia in a short span of time with their wide range of Indian delicacies.

They are the sole dealers of Authentic Indian Brands like,
Adukale, Tasty World, Whole and Soul, Kalra and others in Australia.

The Context

Client Brief

To redesign the e-commerce website of Saviruchi. Conduct required UX research and design meaningful solutions with better visual approach and easy user navigation.

Project Focus

Home Page | About Us Page | Product page | Checkout Process Page(s)

Business Objective

  • At the moment Saviruchi is dependent on it's retail partners for most of it's sales. They have negligible online sales.

  • With the new user friendly website, Saviruchi plans to focus on it's online sales and promotion.

  • With new website as the core Saviruchi plans to run online digital campaign to promote their products.

  • Saviruchi also plans to engage their user on social media with a better content strategy.

Project Timeline


  • We started our research by doing the Heuristic Analysis of the current website.

  • We also did Comparative Analysis of Direct and Indirect competition.

  • We also conducted User interview and Usability testing with the current website and gained valuable insights.

Saviruchi Current website
Heuristics Analysis
Jakob Nielsen' 10 Heuristics
Current Problems and Opportunities:
  • Match Between System and Real-world
    With better UX writing and product descriptions users will be able to relate to the products

  • Recognise rather than recall
    Aesthetically executed product photography helps users recognise the product.

  • Aesthetic and minimalist Design
    Better visual design, site navigation and information architecture can have impact on user retention and conversion rate

Competition: Comparative Analysis
Comparative Analysis
User Interview/Usability Testing:

Qualitative research:
A set of users were interviewed on their online shopping preferences and experience

Usability Testing:
Users were navigate through current website and perform prescribed task while they were observed

Affinity Mapping:
Data points collected were grouped to identify the patterns.

Research Insights:

  • Users think Saviruchi is a trustable business

  • Saviruchi comes across as a family run business that cares about community

  • However, users feel the design of the website feels bootstrapped and not professional

  • Navigation and the colour pallet is not well thought through

User Persona

Based on the research we narrowed down on one user persona of a user for Saviruchi, Joythi.

With this persona in mind we could create ‘User Empathy Map’ and ‘User Journey’.

Empathy Mapping

User empathy map, illustrates the gap between what user says? Thinks? Feels? And does?
This exercise helped us designers to empathise and connect with Jyothi.


How might we… HMWs

How might we make online shopping trustable and pleasurable experience for our users so that they prefer it over offline shopping and recommend it to others.

Problem Statement:

User with a packed schedule, needs a dependable online platform where he/she can effortlessly purchase and compare authentic Indian savouries and snacks and save time from going to the physical store.


With all the research and insight we stepped into the next Phase, the Design. We started with sketching the ideas out before moving to the low-fidelity and Mid-fidelity Wireframe. We also conducted Usability testing with the Mid-fidelity wireframe.

Sketches, Low-fi, Mid-fidelity & Usability Testing
Usability Testing - Result and Insights
  • 2 of 4 users were unable to spot the ‘Shop Our Products’ tab.

  • This was a valuable insight, it helped us addressed this issue during visual design

Visual Design - Colour palette, illustrations and Motifs
Mood Board
Illustrations and Motifs

Visual motifs for the website’s visual design was inspired by traditional Indian Rangoli art, Varli art and Mandala Art. These motifs were subtly introduced in the design for authentic Indian look and feel.

Colour palette

Colour palette was created to represent the brand.
Some of the factors considered:

  • Industry Saviruchi operates in - Food and beverages

  • Branding/Packaging of the products on Saviruchi website (Adukale)

  • Colour red and Green as primary colours denotes freshness and taste.

High-Fidelity Wireframe & Prototype

What's Next?

  • Second round of Usability test with High Fidelity wireframe

  • Working with UX writers for logical product description and content writing

  • Introducing blog page for more user engagement

  • Product photography

  • Handover to the development team

Learnings from the Project:
  1. Conducting Heuristic Analysis and Comparative Analysis 

  2. User Research: Writing Interview Guide, Defining Research Methadology

  3. Grouping of Data points and Affinity Mapping

  4. Creating Persona, Empathy Mapping and User Journey

  5. Narrowing down on Problem Statement and How Might We Statements

  6. Defining Visual design Guideline

  7. Creating UI Components

  8. Conducting Usability Testing

  9. Handover Document

  1. UX Research Document (Figjam board)

  2. User flow (Figma page)

  3. Low fidelity wireframe (Figma page)

  4. Mid fidelity wireframe (Figma page)

  5. Mid fidelity Prototype (Figma prototype)

  6. Design system (Figma page)

  7. High Fidelity Wireframe (Figma page)

  8. Prototype (Figma prototype)

  9. Accessibility testing (Figma page)

Research and Design
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