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Project Brief: The brief was to create an elaborate illustration set that would represent the brand CNH across different platforms like website, mobile application, marketing, social media and communications, keeping a diverse audience and their representation. 

Connect And Heal (CNH)

Designing of Unique Illustration Set

Scope of the project
  • Develop an illustration set for uniformity across all channels

  • Choose a simple yet effective style for illustrating listed scenarios

  • Ensure representation of CNH's diverse user base

  • Maintain consistency across platforms

  • Ensuring consistency while accommodating diverse scenarios and user bases

  • Balancing simplicity with the need for clear and detailed illustrations

  • Addressing potential cultural or regional differences in interpretation

  • Managing feedback and revisions from stakeholders with varying preferences

  • Integrating the illustrations seamlessly across different digital platforms and print media

References and Inspirations
Colour Swatch

An elaborate colour swatch was created with brand CNH in mind and considering diversity and inclusivity of our audience.

Design approach
  • Modular approach for scalability and consistency

  • The foreground portrays the protagonist, while the background sets the scene

  • Base illustration designed for easy modification

Visualising the brand messaging
First port of call for assured healthcare
For your entire Family’s Healthcare needs
Examples demonstrating the variants of the primary illustration.
Primary illustration
Variants of the primary illustrations
Primary illustration
Variants of the primary illustrations
More scenarios and variations
Examples to demonstrate consistent usage of illustration across different channels
Social media posts
(In app content)
In App illustrations
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