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Synergize Solar: Branding

Synergize Solar is a renewable energy company based in Bangalore, India, that is dedicated to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment. The company's primary focus is on providing affordable and efficient solar energy solutions for homes, businesses, and communities. Synergize Solar also offers consulting and engineering services to assist clients in transitioning to renewable energy sources and reducing their carbon footprint.

logo options explored
Logo Design

While creating a logo for Synergize Solar, it was essential to consider the brand's values and mission. The logo had reflect the company's commitment to renewable energy, sustainability, and environmental protection. The colours and the imagery had to be carefully selected and developed. The logo had to be simple, memorable, and scalable so that it can be easily recognized and reproduced in various sizes and formats. Additionally, it had to be unique and distinguishable from other logos in the industry to stand out in the market.

Final Logo
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