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Digvijaya News - Logo design

Digvijaya news is a 24/7 regional News channel which claims to have an undaunted, fearless nature towards news coverage.

The brief was to create a unique identity for the news channel representing its core values. Honesty, undaunted coverage and fearless nature.

Client: Digvijaya News

Agency: Tenet Advertising and Internal communications.

Scope of work: Ideation, Conceptualization, Visualisation, Art Direction, Illustration and design.

Logo Design

The Kannada letter 'ದಿ' - the first letter of Digvijaya has been transformed to create a motif of an elephant, which represents the regional Karnataka tradition - Mysore Dasara Ambari. Also, the elephant represents the honest, undaunted reporting of the News that the brand promises. 

Logo Design

Logo Usage

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